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The Internet is full of articles on how to lose weight, gain muscle, eat healthily, etc. One can easily get lost with so much information. You can spend months reading and researching, and yet not know what to do, or think you know what you're doing and yet be on the wrong path. So, I'll try to be brief, and introduce to you the best way to achieve the goal. If you are new to this, this brief text will be enough to fulfill your objectives. However, if you are not new to this, it will help you put together the pieces of everything you have read so far as well as all dilemmas you've had.

When it comes to either the weight loss, or getting muscle mass, beside from the quantity of calories consumed, a very important role plays the quality of those calories (ie different sources of calories), and even more important role is the one of hormonal status.

It is well known that hormones regulate almost everything in human body. How many times have you seen a fat person who eats little, or a thin person who eats a lot, or a person who has a big belly and skinny legs, or a person with big bottom and fat legs but flat stomach? That's all hormones. By regulating the amount of calorie intake, if your hormones are not good, you will not achieve much. If you are lucky, and do not have a genetic problem with hormones, feel free to leave this site for high-protein food with just counting the calories will be all you need depending on whether you want to lose weight or gain weight back. Unfortunately, there aren't many people with genetically perfect hormones. But fortunately, even if you have very bad hormones, a diet and appropriate supplementation can do the trick.

Before I introduce to you certain food supplements, let me tell you how to identify, without unnecessary laboratory analyses, which of your hormones do not work properly, and how to know what to do to bring your body to a good shape, look nice and be healthy (because hormones are essential). It is very simple. The fat deposits in your body will tell you which hormones are not working properly. Depending on how and where your body precipitates the fat, you will simply know which hormones are not functioning well.

The main hormones that influence body composition, and which we will deal with are: T3 thyroid hormone, testosterone, estrogen/progesterone, pancreatic hormone – insulin, cortisol, and growth hormone.

In bodybuilding industry the hormone they concentrate mainly on is the pancreatic hormone, insulin. You'll often find texts that say you should avoid carbohydrates because of insulin, which is partly true, but you will not achieve much if you do not take care of the other hormones, because we don't all have problems with insulin secretion. Sure, if you drastically reduce your intake of carbohydrates, you will lose weight, but you will most probably lose a lot of muscle mass, and at the same time have obstinate fat. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in human body, it is responsible for both gaining muscle mass and obtaining adipose tissue.

If you have a lot of fat mainly around the waist, in the lower back, and lower abdomen and flanks ("love handles"), you definitely have problems with insulin, and you need to cut back on carbs, and take appropriate supplements that reduce the secretion of insulin.

If you have problems with the deposition of fat in the whole abdomen (a frequent occurrence in men), you probably have problems with stress induced hormone (stress hormone) cortisol. In addition to adequate supplementation I suggest taking vitamin C at least 1g per day.

If the fat accumulates in your upper body parts, shoulders, outer part of the chest, upper back, and if you're fat overall, you definitely have problems with insufficient secretion of thyroid hormone. Apart from the appropriate supplementation, I recommend taking the mineral selenium, and iodine tablets.

If the fat is deposited in the area of your buttocks and thighs (common in women), as well as around the nipples, you have problems with an estrogen/progesterone. Beside from an adequate supplementation, I suggest taking some types of estrogen blockers such as calcium d glucarate.

Of course, we all know that if you don't have much muscle mass, but work out and eat healthy, your testosterone level is probably low, and you should take supplements that increase the level of testosterone. The mineral zinc is very important for a good level of testosterone, and it's also inexpensive.

If the fat deposits around your knees and calves, you have problems with growth hormone. But the appropriate supplementation and a lot of sleep will work.

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